Belated Holiday Celebrations

I love holidays. I like to think I’m a holiday purist. I enjoy holidays just because my calendar says it’s a holiday. Nothing spectacular has to happen — a day marked as a holiday is just more exciting than non-holiday days.

For example, March 21 is Benito Juarez’s birthday. I’ll find some way to celebrate good ol’ Benito. If he were still alive, I’m sure Benito would reciprocate and celebrate my birthday. He might celebrate my birthday by eating a big bowl of brussels sprouts.

Sometimes I don’t get around to appropriately celebrate a holiday on the actual day of the holiday. And, that’s ok. I believe belated celebrations are just as good. My birthday is July 11 (like the convenience store — 7/11!!). If someone wanted to eat sprouts in my honor on July 21, I’d be just as happy.

March 1 was National Pancake Day AND Share a Smile Day. I celebrated yesterday.

It’s a smiling trio of pancakes! Those pancakes are so happy, they’re glowing! (That may also be the maple syrup — either way, those pancakes are super pleased with life.)

In full disclosure, the concept of smiling pancakes was better than the actual pancakes. They weren’t bad pancakes; they just weren’t the tastiest of pancakes. They had a lot of oats in them. I enjoy a good oat way more than the average person, but oats don’t really make fluffy cakes. They make unfluffy cakes that take approximately 52 minutes to cook.

Making a perfect pancake has now been added to my “list of things to accomplish at some point in my life.”

I didn’t want today’s breakfast to be a let down, so I made another “happy meal.” I’ll provide a little background before showing the picture: (1) I’m currently obsessed with Trader Joe’s animal crackers — they are fun AND delicious….mostly fun; and (2) frozen banana chunks blended in a little food processor make a banana sorbet of sorts.

It’s a diorama of animal crackers romping about in frozen banana sorbet! (Please disregard the fact that the cracker on the right is missing a head — he still has his dignity and wanted to be part of the picture.)

And…the fun food will continue! Carolyn gave me chopsticks yesterday, so I’ve decided to become a chopsticks expert. Lunch (whatever it may be) will definitely be consumed with chopsticks. Unless I have soup. Or yogurt.

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One Response to Belated Holiday Celebrations

  1. Meredith says:

    I think brussels sprouts might be even better when consumed with chopsticks (if it’s possible for brussels sprouts to become better).

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