I’m feeling a little conflicted right now. I just read a new post on The Happiness Project blog. According to the blog, I’ll be happier if I get more sleep. Instead, I’m drinking coffee and typing this at midnight. Drinking coffee and writing make me very happy. And, more coffee when I wake up with counteract any unhappy feelings I may have in the morning. Plus, I recently upped my daily dose of fish oil supplements. Extra fish oil probably takes the place of extra sleep. Probably.

All these thoughts about happiness made me think about some of the many happy things in my world. Here’s the short list:

– Fresh edamame from Trader Joe’s (that Joe is a brilliant man! brilliant!). It’s on the menu for tomorrow’s lunch. I’m already excited. Most people probably aren’t excited about tomorrow’s lunch at midnight. I’m an exception.

– Signs of SPRING! It’s in the air…and that means my little peonies will soon be blooming! It also means it will be warmer. I spend 90% of the winter searching for warm spots (sunshine coming through windows, warm showers, heat vents, other people’s arm pits…you get the idea). I don’t have to search quite so hard in the spring.

– Gardening! Dirt, dirt, dirt. Veggies, veggies, veggies.

– My upcoming trip to Hotlanta, Savannah, and Charleston! We’re driving, so this means LOTS o’ car dancing and observing people in other cars on the interstate. The license plate game may also be on the agenda.

– Coffee. It’s a constant source of happiness in my world.

– The new album by Adele. It’s great. Simply great. Granted, she can never take the place of Streisand, but no one can really fill those shoes.

– My car’s fabulous new scent (see yesterday’s post). I’m really digging the citrus.

All of these things make me ridiculously happy. I can only imagine how happy I’ll be in about 10 minutes when I’m asleep.

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2 Responses to Happiness!

  1. Meredith says:

    I don’t know whether to be happy or offended that you’ve never tried to warm yourself in my armpit.

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