Scrabble Spectator

My roommate is a professional Scrabble player. It’s one of my claims to fame. My other two are (1) my grandma graduated from Yale (Yale High School), and (2) my other grandma dated Herbert Hoover (not the president). I don’t usually divulge the information in parentheses right away.

The Des Moines Scrabble Club hosts an annual tournament, and it was held this weekend. I brought treats as an excuse to observe professional Scrabble for a little while.

See? It’s treats! Its official name was “Rice Krispies with Sprinkles.” The picture kind of makes it look like cornbread with sprinkles. It wasn’t. That combination would just be strange.

Since I’ve lived with a professional Scrabble player for almost four years, I’ve picked up on some Scrabble lingo. This means I can (kind of) talk the talk, but I cannot walk the walk. It’s a facade. These are some of my favorite Scrabble words…they’re ALL VALID (which makes them that much more exciting). Also, definitions don’t really matter in the world of Scrabble, so feel free to make up whatever definition you’d like. So, go forth and make these fun words a part of your daily vocabulary!

– rejig — I like to think it means “to jig again.”

– stooling, stooled — it actually means what you think it means.

– frogless, toadless — one is a valid Scrabble word; the other isn’t (I can never remember). Regardless, both words describe me. I am without frog and toad.

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One Response to Scrabble Spectator

  1. Meredith says:

    I’m not sure it really counts as being a professional when I pay $60 to enter a tournament and then win $45, but why not? 🙂

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