Single Serving?

I really like prunes. I discovered my love for prunes last Christmas when I was at my parents’ house. My dad had a bag of orange essence prunes. I sampled a prune…and then finished the bag. They were THAT good.

Trader Joe’s sells prunes in 1-pound bags. I have been known to eat a bag in one day. Not that I should admit that, but it’s true. (I actually just went to the kitchen to check the size of my bags o’ prunes, and even I’m a little shocked at my prune consumption. One pound. Wow.)

Unfortunately, prunes have a bad reputation. Prunes are associated with elderly people and regularity. And, while I can vouch for that aspect of the prune, they are incredibly tasty food morsels. Really.

I have reason to believe the under-appreciated prune is making a comeback. Or, maybe it’s just becoming popular for the first time. Either way, I saw a commercial for prunes tonight on The Food Network. I like watching prune commercials almost as much as I like eating prunes.

The commercial was for Sunsweet single-serving packs. These single-serving packs have an EXTREMELY small number of prunes in each package. Nothing like a three-prune snack to leave a person feeling satisfied. The actors in the commercial have their little single-serving packages of prunes and seem to be enjoying them immensely. They also seem to be dividing each prune into several bites. 

Any true prune connoisseur will tell you a prune is meant to be eaten in a single bite. Dried fruit isn’t a dainty food. And three prunes probably aren’t even enough to make a person poo.

So, Sunsweet — don’t focus your advertising on little weenie prune packs. Encourage the public to fully embrace the beauty of the prune and purchase the one-pound packs.

I’m going to go have a little midnight prune snack now. I can only type the word prune so many times without getting hungry.

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2 Responses to Single Serving?

  1. Angela says:

    I hate that Sunsweet commercial! Doesn’t one lady say how convenient they are that they’re individually packaged? Hello, Sunsweet…why are you touting that kind of waste (pun intended)? Kind of missing the bandwagon on the movement toward environmentally-friendly packaging, aren’t we?

    Side note – you wrote “prune connoisseur” and I totally read “prunnoisseur,” which you clearly are.

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