Mobile Gnome

My gnome was covered in snow a few weeks ago.

Now, the snow has melted, and he’s soaking up the rays. (I think he was a little chilly under all that snow.)

My little gnome must have gotten tired of reclining on the cement, because he was standing up when I got home late this afternoon. He wanders. I’m ok with this. (I seriously never moved the little fella. He moved on his own.)

While my gnome was roaming around my front yard, I was out running errands. “Errands” in my world means buying lots of food at Trader Joe’s. While I was there I saw perhaps the cutest kid ever. She was around 4-5 and clearly shared my excitement of Trader Joe’s. She and her parents (or random adults accompanying her) walked into the store behind me, and I heard a little voice exclaim, “THIS is a grocery store?! THIS is a grocery store?!” I’m not sure if she was used to larger grocery stores or just particularly like this store, because she was ecstatic. Then, she saw the huge display of organic bananas and exclaimed repeatedly, “There must be 200 bananas there! 200 bananas!”

She’s my kind of kid. My inner child makes these comments every time I shop at Trader Joe’s.

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