Spring in February!

Unseasonably warm temperatures in February make me ridiculously happy. I keep looking through my seed catalog and folding down pages of interesting veggies. The number of folded-down pages keeps growing. Last year’s garden was about a 75% flop, but I have great hopes for this year. I declare it the year of squash and brussels sprouts. Last year was the year of practice brussels sprouts.

The warm temperatures also meant it was warm enough for even the most cold-blooded runners to venture outside. It had been months since I’d taken my regular running route. I feel oddly attached to the people who live along my regular route, and I missed them. I’m sure they missed me, too. I made the following observations during this afternoon’s run:

1. There’s a huge hairball just north of 30th and Hickman. At first, I thought it was roadkill. Then, I thought it was a pile of brush. But I’m fairly certain it was some sort of pile of hair — my guess is synthetic hair. Perhaps someone with an extremely intense toupee was enjoying the warm weather in a convertible.

2. A house near 40th and Hickman is still displaying a “Keep the Christ in Christmas” banner. Perhaps they’re preparing for Christmas 2011. Or, they keep Christmas in their hearts all year and want to display that on their porch.

3. One of my favorite houses on my running route is around 36th and Hickman. The house has a giant Yorkie poster in one of the porch windows. The Yorkie decoration changes with the seasons/holidays. I think I’ve seen Thanksgiving Yorkie, Christmas Yorkie, Valentine’s Yorkie, St. Patrick’s Day Yorkie, Beach Yorkie, and Back-to-School Yorkie. When I passed the house today, I was rather disappointed to see Thanksgiving Yorkie was still up…I had been really excited to see St. Patrick’s Day Yorkie. Maybe next week…

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