I’m Not So Good At…

1. Remembering to drop off and pick up my dry cleaning. I decided it’d be nice to have clean clothes a couple weeks ago, so I gathered most of my suits and stuffed them in a bag to take to the cleaners. I don’t really consider clothes dirty until I stuff them in a bag. Until that point, I continue to wear them and just ignore the ever-present smell of old sweat.

The bag of dirty clothes sat in my car for far too many days. The temperature was below zero for several days, so the clothes got a little crunchy. Having clothes that crunch at sub-zero temperatures is probably a sign the clothes desperately need to be cleaned.

And my clothes did make it to the cleaner after a couple weeks in my car. I gave myself a pat on the back after accomplishing this task. 

The dry cleaner finished cleaning my clothes several days ago. I haven’t gotten around to retrieving them.

If I get my clothes from the dry cleaner, I’ll have to pay. I don’t like paying for dry cleaning. It’s just not a fun thing to pay for — you don’t get anything new; you just get your old stuff returned in a slightly better-smelling condition.

Also, if I fetch my clothes I’ll have to deal with the super-crappy “dry cleaner hangers.” I don’t like having to re-hanger my clothes. But, if I don’t re-hanger them, the super-crappy, flimsy dry-cleaner cardboard hangers slowly take over my closet. These hangers barely support the weight of my clothes — and I’m midget-like. Ugh.

But…I guess I should look on the bright side. I’m currently down to one suit. I’ll have several more suits to choose from if I get my dry cleaning. Plus, people will start to talk (and not in a good way) if I continue to wear the same gray skirt suit several times a week. I do miss my brown suits. In my world, brown is friendlier than gray.

Another thing I’m not so good at:

2. Remembering to wipe down the correct exercise machine at the gym.

After exercising on a machine, gym etiquette (and basic hygiene) require gym members to spray a towel with disinfectant and wipe the sweat off the machine. All the machines are numbered, so it should be relatively easy to think, “I should wipe down elliptical machine number 6 because that’s the machine I was using for the past 1/2 hour.”

Apparently, I develop amnesia once I step off an exercise machine.

Last night, I got off an elliptical machine and sprayed a towel with disinfectant. Then, I went back to the elliptical machines and realized I had no idea which machine I’d just used. I wound up narrowing the field down to three and spraying all three.

I’m sure it was a nice comic relief for other individuals at the gym. Especially if they actually remembered which machine I’d been using.

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3 Responses to I’m Not So Good At…

  1. Meredith says:

    I have this issue too! I have to be like “I was 1 machine away from the big bald guy” and that usually works for me. 🙂

  2. Sara says:

    Laura, I caution you about picking up your dry cleaning. I didn’t pick up a wool winter coat once for months because it was spring and I didn’t need the coat. When I finally got around to picking it up, they couldn’t find it. I badgered them about it for months but it never surfaced, and they never took responsibility for it. They refused to pay me anything for the coat. To this day I miss that coat, and because of it I hate French Way. They’re boycotted in my world.

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