Dissed by HGTV

Sometimes television builds you up, and sometimes television breaks you down.

I experienced the latter yesterday.

I was watching some sort of first-time homebuyer show on HGTV — a couple was searching for a home in the Boston area. The wife was looking for an updated kitchen; the husband was looking for an older home with charm. Neither one seemed to have any specific requirements for a bathroom during the first half of the show.

Then, they visited an older home with charm. The couple walked upstairs to the bathroom…and I nearly squealed with excitement. The house had MY BATHROOM! My bathroom was (kind of) featured on HGTV!

Here’s the deal behind my bathroom. When I purchased my house, the bathroom had approximately 16 layers of wallpaper. This required me to spend several days scraping layers of brown paper-bag-like wallpaper off the bathroom walls. Then, I painted the walls orange. This was the end result:

The orange paint was better than wallpaper, but my poor bathroom still had some issues. The vanity was made of plywood scraps, the linoleum was peeling off the floor, and the bathtub eventually started leaking into the basement. Nothing says fun like an impromptu basement shower.

The small waterfall in the basement prompted me to really remodel my bathroom. It looked like this for a couple days:

That’s where the toilet should be. No worries — we just held it for a couple days.

The end result was the 10 x 6 bathroom of my dreams. The crusty linoleum was replaced with classy subway tiles, and I got a new white vanity. Look! It’s an amazing bathroom! Who wouldn’t want to relieve themselves in this room?!

Well, apparently the HGTV couple wouldn’t. They entered “my” bathroom and immediately started criticizing it. The floor made the husband’s eyes hurt, and the wife couldn’t sustain life without a double sink. Although they found the rest of the house charming, the bathroom rendered the home unliveable. Ow.

The couple opted for a newish home in the ‘burbs. If I’m ever in Boston, I may hunt them down, knock on their door, and criticize their bathroom.

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One Response to Dissed by HGTV

  1. Steven says:

    Nice work!!

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