Self Presents

Today was a big day for two reasons:

1. I finally used up a little bottle of face lotion. (Hello, small but satisfying sense of completion.)

2. I finished a large work project I was totally dreading.

I like to give myself rewards. Usually it’s just small things — like figs, brussels sprouts, or coffee. But, occasionally I have little conversations with myself that go something like this:

Me:  [whiney voice] “I was a good girl today. I finished my work. I need a present.”

Me: [excited voice] “You can have coffee! And sprouts!”

Me:  [whiney] “But…I’d get coffee and sprouts even if I didn’t finish my work.”

Me:  “So true. This calls for bigger presents.”

Moments when my whiney self gets the better of my logical, more frugal self call for self-presents. I enjoy them immensely because I always get just what I want. I know myself so well.

Today was a stressful and celebratory day. It clearly necessitated several self-presents. The gift giving started with lunch. The list of presents included:

1. Veggie Pizza (followed by dessert pizza) 

2. Candy purchased for co-workers (I was generous with my self-presents)

3. Muk Luk slippers I’d been eyeing for months (my toes were oh-so-grateful)

4. Earrings for $2.99 (deal of the century!)

5. Brussels sprouts

6. Eyeglasses (previously ordered, but finally arrived at LensCrafters)

7. And a dress. That was the big self-present. But, it wasn’t just any dress. I had instant emotional attachment to this particular dress. The dress is a chambray shirt dress from Lands’ End.

The attachment to the dress is two-fold.

First, the dress is from Lands’ End Canvas. I interned at Lands’ End and have a warm fuzzy for the company, despite the fact that most of the models wear high-water pants. The high-water pant thing kind of deterred me from purchasing Lands’ End clothes. However, the new Canvas line seems very fun — and appears to be available in midget sizes!

The second reason I felt a cosmic pull to purchase the dress is because it’s a chambray shirt dress. My dad has worn a chambray shirt almost every day since I’ve known him. His closet kind of looks like a cartoon character’s closet — lots and lots of repeats of the same shirt. And, what 28-year-old fashionista wouldn’t want to dress like her 60-year-old farmer father?! I rest my case.

Wait…I’m not resting my case just yet. I have yet another reason for making the dress purchase. When I was little, my grandma frequently wore a blue-jean-like shirt dress. One day I was shopping with my parents and thought I saw my grandma wearing this dress. “Grandma” had her back to me, so I ran up behind her, threw my arms around her and exclaimed, “GRANDMA!” “Grandma” turned around and…it wasn’t my grandma. It was another lady in with a similar haircut and similar dress. I also had uncorrected nearsightedness for a short time as a child…maybe this incident occurred at that point in my life. Probably not.

Because I grew up in a small community, the “mystery grandma” I threw my arms around actually knew my grandma and my parents. So, she thought my mistake (or my nearsightedness) was pretty funny. We’ve joked about it since then, and I still occasionally refer to her as “Grandma!” when I see her.

So, it’s more than a dress. It’s a little chambray bundle of warm fuzzies. Purchase completely justified.

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One Response to Self Presents

  1. Meredith says:

    I fully support the self-present. And the more Grandmas the merrier I always say. 🙂

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