Life Advice from Paula

Oh, Paula. You’re a wise, wise woman.

I like to spend my Saturday mornings with Paula Deen. I also like to try to imitate her accent. Words like “olive oil” and “butter” sound boring in a flat, Iowan accent. Paula makes them sound all warm and fuzzy and full of love.

I’m traveling to Savannah for spring break this year. I’m sure I’ll casually bump into her. She’ll immediately notice my sparkling personality, and she’ll ask me to be her sous-chef. I don’t really know much about cooking, but I have enthusiasm. And, sticks of butter have the measurements pre-marked, so the job probably wouldn’t be that difficult.

Paula and I would totally complement each other. I’d teach her to love brussels sprouts and figs, and she’d teach me to act like a southern lady. She’d be very impressed with my southern accent.

I’ve also noticed she often has a coffee mug in her hand when her guests are cooking. We could bond over coffee. Coffee drinkers almost always like other coffee drinkers.  

My slight obsession with Paula goes beyond the butter and the charming southern accent. She cooks and entertains — but she also provides valuable life advice.

She was full of wisdom this morning. Her guest, the owner of a Savannah candy shop, was chopping almonds for a brickle (not to be confused with a brittle — they cook at different temperatures — duh!). He said it would be bad if he dropped his nuts on the floor. Paula responded by saying, “if you drop your nuts on the floor, just pick them up and keep on going.”

This advice goes far beyond the brickle. Thanks, Paula.

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3 Responses to Life Advice from Paula

  1. Meredith says:

    Butter is full of love. You probably shouldn’t use it if it’s fuzzy, though.

  2. Angela says:

    If you come to visit us, we’ll make you a Paula Deen dessert. We are obsessed with the recipes in “Paula Deen’s Chocolate Celebration.” Butter + chocolate = magical.

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