The Spinach Challenge

I’m not sure why I bought the BIG plastic container of spinach at the grocery store this summer. But I did. When I got it home, I began to realize how much spinach I’d need to consume before spinach rot occurred. The average person probably would not/could not eat a big plastic container of spinach. Good thing I’m above average when it comes to vegetable consumption. I’m also above average in dried Turkish fig consumption. I recently discovered dried figs at Trader Joe’s. It’s like eating the best part of a Fig Newton! (Turns out, I like the Fig much more than the Newton.) I made a large fig purchase this evening. I ate more figs than I care to admit, but I’m pleased to announce I consumed over 100% of my daily fiber requirement from figs! My roommate did the calculations, and she’s very good at math.

Back to spinach. The big container of spinach is a little pricey, so I told my roommate I was instituting The Spinach Challenge. The goal of The Spinach Challenge is to never, NEVER throw out ANY spinach. It must be consumed.

The Spinach Challenge has turned into a weekly activity. Who would have thought spinach could be so versatile? It’s a food that really plays well with other foods on the playground.

Last Wednesday evening, I purchased a big container of spinach. When I brought it home, my roommate reminded me I was going out of town for the weekend. However, The Spinach Challenge does not take a hiatus for weekend trips. I’d eaten almost the entire container by Friday evening, but there were still a few green leafy friends in the bottom of the container. This presented a problem, as the spinach could age rapidly in my absence.

So, when I was preparing for my three-hour car trip Friday evening, I determined I needed to bring (1) coffee and (2) spinach.

When I make coffee, I feel compelled to make an entire pot. Unfortunately, an entire pot of coffee doesn’t fit in one travel mug. It does, however, fit in two travel mugs. So, my car looked like this on Friday evening:

(front seat)

(back seat)

You see, the front seat only has two cup holders. This is logical since the front seat only holds two people. But, it just doesn’t work for those of us who need to consume a spinach smoothie (it has bananas and peanut butter, so the spinach is more like a silent partner who just adds color) and a pot of coffee.

I thought the solution was genius. The only downside was the back seat cup holder is smaller than the front seat, so I had to really wedge the travel mug into the holder. It wasn’t the most secure fit, so I kept looking at the backseat to make sure my poor coffee hadn’t taken a tumble. This is probably what new parents do when they have a small child buckled into the back seat. This is also reason #162 why I shouldn’t have children.

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