“About an Hour” = Two Weeks

I like to drink my evening pot of coffee while I catch up on the day’s news (aka – check Facebook). This should probably result in insomnia. It doesn’t.

My new French press pot has brought new joy to my life. I just finished tonight’s pot of French press coffee. I tipped the pot waaaay up to get that last “bite” — (it gets a little coffee ground-y at the bottom; I don’t complain) and wound up pouring coffee down the sleeve of my sweatshirt. I then proceeded to lick my arm. Totally worth it.

I also scored delightful Trader Joe’s dark chocolate mint candies. They were rejected by my roommate’s picky palate and warmly welcomed by mine. I ate one after I licked my arm.

I ordered new glasses last week. My current glasses are three steps below my actual prescription and leave me feeling slightly scared to go out into the world while wearing them. I’ve worn hard contacts since the beginning of time, so I’m always a little leery of a peripheral attack on the rare occasions when I wear glasses.

LensCrafters claims to have glasses ready “in about an hour.” There’s an asterisk behind that slogan — it says “some prescriptions or lens materials may require additional time.” “Additional time” seems like it could be two hours…or perhaps two days. In my case, it’s two weeks. My eyes are extra special.

LensCrafters called me today. I assumed they called to tell me my glasses had arrived. Nope. They called to tell me ONE lens had arrived. The other lens will be in next week.

Perhaps LensCrafters thinks I’m a pirate. Argh.

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2 Responses to “About an Hour” = Two Weeks

  1. Meredith says:

    I prefer “super taster”. They were rejected by your super taster roommate.

  2. Sara says:

    Lol! Supe taster. hahahaha. Sure Mer.

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