Magic Toothbrush

This is my new toothbrush. I was inspired to make the purchase after my roommate purchased one a few months ago. It makes a fun sound. I like things that make fun sounds. Plus, I swear my roommate’s teeth started looking super sparkly and white (in a good teeth way…not in a creepy non-natural enamel sort of way). And, with my five-pot-of-coffee-a-day habit, I need all the tooth whitening help I can get.

I’m completely on board with the toothbrush. However, I have one complaint. It runs for two minutes and then shuts off automatically. In theory, this seems like a great idea. I’m forced to brush for the recommended amount of time. I no longer have to try to sing “Happy Birthday” to myself while brushing to make sure I pay enough attention to my little teeth. (Because…that only made sense one day of the year…otherwise it just resulted in odd cravings for Hy-Vee white cake.) But, most days I find I’m not at a good stopping point when the toothbrush shuts off. I’ll be mid-molar and suddenly lose my scrubbing power. Bothersome.

I’m trying to become one with my toothbrush so I can manage to be at a good stopping point when the brush stops spinning (preferably the left incisor). It’ll happen — someday. Until that day, I’ve become a nervous, skittish brusher — unsuccessfully anticipating the toothbrush’s shut-off time. My brushing method probably resembles a squirrel, if squirrels brushed their teeth.

In other news, I saw a deer standing by the side of the road while I was driving home. I stopped my car and waited to see where the deer wanted to go. I waved at the deer to let it know it was safe to cross the road. (You know, one of those little sweeping side waves that come in handy at four-way stops.) Then, I realized I fully expected the deer to understand my wave. Maybe I stayed at work too long tonight.

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One Response to Magic Toothbrush

  1. Meredith says:

    I would totally wave at a deer. I support this. 🙂

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