(Mostly) Gnome-less

A better gnome owner would un-bury the poor little fella. I chose to exploit him and his pointy little hat.

My gnome will be much happier when spring arrives. I agree. The slim possibility of a snow day totally diminishes the enjoyment of snow. At this point in the year, the best thing about cold weather is it makes my obscene coffee habit a tad more socially acceptable.

I pretended like it was spring for a short while this afternoon and bought two blueberry bushes. I needed to get two because the Gurney’s catalog informed me blueberry bushes produce more when planted next to other blueberry bushes. This seems logical. I usually do better in the world when I have a friend with me. So, I got blueberry bush friends — a Sunshine Blue Blueberry (which is supposed to be extra hardy) and…my favorite…a Ka-Bluey Blueberry bush! Ka-Bluey is probably the best name ever for a blueberry plant. I think it’s a great name for a person, too, but I doubt I can convince any friends to name their offspring Ka-Bluey. This won’t stop me from trying.

I developed a wonderful (but pricey) three-pint-a-week blueberry habit last summer, so I decided these new plants are more of a need than a want.

Since it’s not really spring, I’m a little limited to indoor projects. My projects tend to be less than successful — but they usually produce stories.

I love squash. And I’ve been in a fight with Trader Joe’s for the past couple weeks for having a lack of them in their oh-so-fabulous grocery store. However, a lovely individual took pity on my squashless state and gave me two little butternut friends. You know the phrase — when life hands you squash, make squash soup. Ok…maybe it’s not popular yet, but it’ll catch on. Squash have much more personality than lemons.

I’ve made several successful squash soups over the past couple years (excluding an unfortunate blender incident that coated the entire kitchen with a thin coat of squash). But, new soups are always fun. So, I tried out a new recipe with squash (duh), pears, onions, garlic, ginger, and curry. It probably wasn’t my all-time favorite squash soup, but bowls #1 and #2 were darn tasty. Unfortunately, bowl #2 may have taken its name a little too literally. I think my soup may have turned on me in the middle of the night. Weaker individuals would throw out the leftovers. I’m giving my soup one more shot.

My other indoor project involves this guy:

It’s a door. And it just happens to blend in quite well with my porch floor. The porch is its temporary location — its ultimate goal is to wind up in my bedroom (insert bad joke) as my headboard! I have high hopes that I can sand and paint the door. I informed my dad that he was appointed to “Project Hang the Door on Laura’s Bedroom Wall.” My excitement clearly exceeds his.

I got the door from ReStore yesterday. In my mind, the door would fit just fine in my little Hyundai. My mind is sometimes confused. The door was pretty long. My car and I have a couple things in common — we’re both short…and we both occasionally have gas.

The good news is, the door and I are clearly a good match. The ReStore employees and I opened up the trunk, folded down the backseat, and slid the door in the car. With a little maneuvering, it was within inches of fitting. So close! Then, I realized my driver’s seat could slide up a couple inches…and I can actually drive with my driver’s seat in the notch closest to the steering wheel. Success!

I brought the door home and was all excited to show the gnome. Unfortunately, he isn’t seeing much these days. Bummer.

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One Response to (Mostly) Gnome-less

  1. Meredith says:

    Wow…just wow. Love it.

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