Observations From the Road

It’s cold and snowy. It could be snowier, but it couldn’t be much colder. Brr.

When there’s snow on the ground, cars naturally develop chunks of “snow poo” around the tires. You can kick the snow chunks off the car and leave large “poo piles” in your driveway or parking spot. The “poo” naturally falls off when it gets large/heavy enough. (“Poo” gets to be in quotations because it’s not really poo. It’s just snow.)

I was driving on I-235 tonight when a unique phenomenon caught my attention. The car in front of me had a chunk of “poo” dangling from its back right bumper/tire area. The car was traveling at approximately 60 mph, but the “poo” hung on and continued swinging in the breeze. I was instantly fascinated and refused to pass the car — I wanted to see how long the magic snow “poo” could hang on to the car’s underbelly.

The car exited the interstate several miles later — “poo” intact.

I was meeting my parents for dinner, so I described the situation to my dad. His theory was that the “poo” was really an alien spaceship.

My dad is a wise, wise man.

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