Like a 60-Pound Bag of Sand, This Is a Day in My Life

My driveway is long.

See? Long.

It’s also uphill AND a lovely mix of cement and gravel (the previous owner had septic issues and had to knock out concrete in the middle of the driveway). This makes for some exciting shoveling.

The driveway is fairly demanding. If it doesn’t get the attention it deserves, my little Hyundai can’t reach its garage. And this makes my Hyundai sad. It’s little headlights droop.

Last night I really didn’t want to deal with the driveway, so I abandoned my car on the street and forced it to be a wild, outdoor car for one night.

Tonight, I armed myself with toe warmers, hand warmers, a 60-pound bag of sand, and a big ol’ bag of ice melt and headed out to battle the elements. I believe the temperature was 17 degrees with a -2 windchill. Balmy.

A 60-pound bag of sand is heavy. It seems heavier when one’s fingers are in various stages of numb-ness from extreme cold and sub-par hand warmers. This explains why some sand got dumped in the street. Consider it a public service, City of Des Moines.


However, as you may be able to see from the first picture, I was able to artfully sprinkle sand up the entire length of the driveway. And I still have all 10 fingers.

My little Hyundai made it into the garage,

I had celebratory brussels sprouts,

and the peasants rejoiced.

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One Response to Like a 60-Pound Bag of Sand, This Is a Day in My Life

  1. Meredith says:

    The drooping would me more noticeable if the Hyundai had these:

    And Doug liked having a friend as a “wild, outdoor car”.

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