Camo and Bathroom Toys

Some days are just more entertaining than others. Today was one of the more entertaining sorts of days.

One of my very favorite restaurants is Thai Flavors. True to its name, it has very flavorful Thai food. As an added bonus, it’s located next to the Low-Cost Spay Clinic. This will ALWAYS be funny in my world.

Another things that’s always funny to me (and probably only me) is camouflage clothing. Camo is probably very functional when hunting. However, it doesn’t seem to serve a purpose in everyday life. This results in me making many, many bad jokes. For example, if someone has a camo shirt, I feel the strong urge to say “aaahhh! I can’t see your torso…you’re a head with legs!” I realize this isn’t funny to 98% of the population. I’m in the 2%.

Today I went to Thai Flavors with co-workers for lunch. As I was passing the Low-Cost Spay Clinic, a man dressed in camouflage clothing opened the door. Apparently I looked like I needed to be spayed, because camo man (aka:  floating head) held the door open for me and asked if I wanted to come inside the clinic. I thanked him for the invite but said I was actually headed to get food — not a spay.

When I got back to work, I went to the bathroom. I’m convinced the women’s bathroom at work is the Bermuda Triangle of random objects. Some items seem to find their way into the bathroom and then can’t seem to find a way out. Today’s random item was a little box with writing on it. While I was washing my hands, I made a comment about the box to my bathroom buddy (aka:  person using the bathroom at the same time I was). My bathroom buddy opened the little box to reveal a game with beads.

As we left the bathroom, I said, “I didn’t bring any toys into the bathroom with me today.” I made this comment just as one of the managers walked by. A couple of seconds later, I realized just how questionable this statement sounded. If only I’d been wearing camo . . .

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One Response to Camo and Bathroom Toys

  1. Meredith says:

    I LOVE THIS. No toys in the bathroom? Backincheekysosay. 😦 I don’t think I was in the 2% prior to knowing you, but now I definitely am.

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