I’ve never watched Jersey Shore, but my plans for the day included GTL (gym, tan, laundry). I did my laundry and went to the gym, but my plans to “tan” were thwarted.

By “tan,” I mean eat only orange foods in an attempt to turn slightly orange (aka “sun-kissed”).

The orange food plan began to take shape last night when I decided I needed more soup in my life. I found a lovely recipe for a butternut squash/pear/curry soup.

Then, I decided to eat my entire acorn squash crop for lunch. Last year I grew many, many acorn squash in my garden. This year’s squash harvest fit in one pan.

The harvest included four squash halves, but I ate one before taking this picture. Perhaps I wanted to make my squash crop look even more pathetic than it really was.

I’m a HUGE fan of Trader Joe’s. The store could do no wrong — until today. Today it failed to provide me with ONE measly butternut squash for my soup.

I tried to stick it to Trader Joe’s by purchasing a butternut squash from Hy-Vee. This plan didn’t work, as there had apparently been a mad rush on butternut squash in Des Moines. Guess I wasn’t the only one who made elaborate squash soup plans.

I could have eaten an obscene amount of carrots to follow through with my orange food plan, but I was sad about the squash and needed comfort food. Few foods are more comforting than a bowl (or two) of consolation sprouts.

Because I usually have to remove “floor fluffies” from food that lands on the floor, I purchased a new toy to keep my floor slightly more sanitary. My new toy is a Shark steam mop. I steam mopped my floor tonight and was very impressed for several reasons:

1) I got to make Jaws shark noises while I mopped (dah nuh……dah nuh….dah nuh..dah nuh).

2) The steam warms the floor after it’s been mopped (obviously), so I got cleaner floors AND warmer feet.

3) My handy-dandy microfiber mop top cleaned all this off my floor.

Right now my floor is so clean I could probably serve squash soup off of it. If only I had a squash.

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3 Responses to Squashless

  1. Meredith says:

    Pobrecita. 😦 Sorry about the mad butternut-squash run in Des Moines. But yay for a new toy!

  2. Sara Laughlin says:

    Those brussel sprouts look delicious!!!

  3. Carolyn says:

    I definitely used the fact that eating enough carrots can turn you orange as my “Did you know” fact at school last week…kids didn’t believe me…I sited you as an example! 🙂 Sorry that you’re plans were thwarted this time around!!

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