I occasionally tell others that my new year’s resolution is to eat more vegetables. Those who know me well should probably be concerned. My roommate should be especially concerned because her bedroom is “downwind from the bathroom.” (Her words, not mine.) I have a big warm fuzzy for veggies. Which is why dinner looked like this:

Broccolis AND delicata squash (delicata sounds fancier than other types of squash, but really isn’t). They got along famously in the oven. Real chefs probably wouldn’t stick broccolis and squash in the oven on the same cookie sheet and bake them at a random temperature that seems right. I do.

Real chefs probably wouldn’t spend a good 15 minutes searching for a piece of frozen banana that boomerang’d off a cutting board and into a cupboard. And then pick a “floor fluffy” off the piece of frozen banana and eat it. Again, I do.

Finally, real chefs probably wouldn’t become mildly obsessed with a food just because it’s similar to their name. (This seems to imply that all real chefs have the same name — I realize they don’t.)  My name is Laura, so I’m naturally obsessed with the…

It’s my food. It’s like kibble for people named Laura. I was going to take a picture of me savoring my kibble. However, I was wearing camouflage pajama pants. The camo would have made it look like I had no legs. And that would be misleading.

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3 Responses to Foodstuffs

  1. Meredith says:

    I still would have liked to see the “legless” Laura eating her Larabar, but okay… 🙂 Also, I’m not sure it’s humanly possible to consume MORE veggies than you do.

  2. Carolyn says:

    Okay…I’m impressed with the speed at which you’re downloading and uploading these pictures from you camera! I think it’s been excited to be getting all this attention! 🙂

    I totally approve of removing a ‘floor fluffy” from a frozen banana and eating it…I mean when it’s frozen things don’t stick, right?! 🙂

  3. Sara Laughlin says:

    Loving this blog Laura! Laughed out loud at every entry so far. Especially the “probably” best way to brew coffee.

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