No Mo’ Christmas

I really like real Christmas trees. The smell, the excessive amounts of sap — I like it all. Which explains why my tree was still up until this evening. It was shedding like crazy and stopped taking water about a week ago. This may qualify as a fire hazard. Hence, the tree was un-decorated tonight. I opened the back door to take the tree outside and was greeted with a little blast of cold air. The tree had become an indoor tree and probably wasn’t used to harsh outdoor conditions. So, I did what I could before setting it free.

I like to think the scarf and hat will help. I think trees lose 90% of their heat through their tops.

And, as a farewell to Christmas, I shall share my favorite neighborhood decoration.

Mary and Joseph tied (and padlocked) to a post. Nothing says happy holidays like bondage. Welcome to my ‘hood.

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One Response to No Mo’ Christmas

  1. Meredith says:

    Oh my; I very much love the hat and scarf. You are hysterical. Keep blogging. 🙂

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