Phun photos…or fun fotos

After ogling over French press coffee makers for many months, I decided to break down and bring one home. It was a good decision. French press coffee makers are known as coffee plungers in New Zealand and Australia…the coffee is plunger coffee. And, who would want to start the day with plunger coffee?
I’ll rave about my little coffee plunger, but the company selling it isn’t really that jazzed about the product. When I was taking it out of the box, I noticed this:

PROBABLY the best way to brew coffee? Must be a modest company. I can respect that.

The coffee maker box reminded me of other similarly-genre’d pictures taken over the past few months….such as:

For those peeps looking for uck boots.

One might wonder what's in that truck.

And finally:

I'm guessing "cash" = Monopoly money...but I could be wrong.

Normal people take pictures of family and friends. I opt for signage. It doesn’t blink.

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